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Many matches this season will not have any Referees officiating and even less will have Assistant Referees appointed due to the few referees relative to the quantity of matches scheduled.

This means many matches will need to be refereed by club appointees. It would be greatly appreciated by all stakeholders if we could collectively encourage members of our community to undertake the referee courses and help officiate the game.


Highlands Football Referees Association (HFRA)

Enquiries about becoming a referee should be directed to the HFRA President, Micheal Davis (email  )



Highlands Football Referees are looking to boost their numbers. Numbers have been stable for the past couple of years but with an increase in teams playing this season resources will be stretched very thin each Saturday.

For anyone interested in learning the rules and pulling on the black uniform, a referee course is always scheduled prior to the start of each winter season. Courses can also be conducted mid-season, where numbers demand. Refereeing can take the form of controlling a match out in the middle, running a line as the Assistant Referee, or acting as a fourth official.

Knowing and understanding the rules can also be a great benefit to coaches and managers.

The job of refereeing can seem like a thankless task most of the time, but most whistle blowers actually enjoy the job. It is also a way to keep fit and remain involved in the game after the playing skills need to be retired.

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